Download Bluestacks Offline Installer For Windows, Mac

Bluestacks offline installer is one of the most downloaded items on the web.Since it’s launch it has been an hot item and everyone want to have him.If you are new and don’t know about Bluestacks App player than there’s nothing to worry.Bluestacks is an Android Emulator that lets download and run android apps on pc.

The problem of android apps not working on pc was going on from long time and many were worried about it too because everyone can’t afford an Android smarphone.If you are having an android phone then you must be knowing how much fun we have on those phones.Android marketplace has many apps,games and much more.Android marketplace has apps that can force you to play them.

Android games are very addictive and games like Temple Run,Subway Surfers,Temple Run 2 ,Jetpack Joyride,Fruit Ninja etc are ruiling on the hearts of people.So keeping in mind a foreign company names Bluestacks Designed an Emulator cum application that can run Android games on Pc.


After the release of Bluestacks it has crossed about 10 Million Downloads in very short time and it is the proof of it’s popularity.After the release of Bluestacks most of the android games can be run on Pc with minimal effort. Now WhatsApp For Pc,Temple Run For Pc,Jetpack Joyride for Pc and many such apps has been released.

It’s just Bluestacks App player because of which it has become possible.Bluestacks can be downloaded from many sites.But it is advised to download from the official site only but we have stable version of bluestacks which was released some time ago by Bluestacks only.The Downloads of that stable version crossed 50,000 downloads from my site in very short period of time.So i thought i must share that bluestacks Offline installer with all.

After the release of bluestacks many versions has been released and now it is available for windows users as well as Mac users.Now Windows users as well as Mac users can  have the fun of downloading Bluestacks Offline Installer and Using it to download best android apps for pc and play.

So just because of which most of you are unaware of this App player,I am giving a tutorial on how to download bluestacks offline installer for Windows Or Mac.After this tutorial you can easily download bluestacks offline installer and install it on your Pc or Mac.

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 How To Download Bluestacks Offline Installer and Install It?

1). Download Bluestacks Offline Installer ( For Mac.

2). Install the application by double clicking on the installer.

3). Now it will start installing the Bluestacks Offline Installer.

4). It will prompt to update something if something outdated is find.

5). Now it has been installed.

6). Open the Bluestacks App Player and search for the game you want to play.

7). Now click on the app and install it and the games is installed and now you can play.

So now you saw how to download and install bluestacks offline installer and install it.This is the simples process of all and i have also given the official link for Mac above.I have used this App personally so i thought I must share this with you so that you can also take advantage of it.

If you are having search problem in Bluestacks App player as many are having and want an alternative to install android games on bluestacks than am here with an alternative too.

Install .Apk Files On Bluestacks App Player:-

1). Search for the android game or app on google Like abc.apk. (Abc= Game Name or App Name)

2). Then go on the site and download the .apk file.

3). Double Click the .apk file to install it.

4). Now as the games or app has been installed you can open it from the android emulator or bluestacks app player to play them.

So this was a brief tutorial on how to download bluestacks offline installer and play android apps for pc.This is a tested tutorial and you will get no trouble while going through this. In case if you are having troubles feel free to contact us and ask in comments and we will try to reach to you as soon as possible.

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